Monday, June 15, 2009

This week has been lots of fun. Jake was out of town for 3 days and my sister Holly and her 3 boys came for a few days. My kids loved having there cousins over they miss so much now they are in Twin Falls. They all played really hard, and slept even harder.

On Friday Michelle and her 5 kiddo, came and is now staying 1 week. All the kids are having a blast learning to share and play. Michelle says she loves the break, and the opportunity to relax. Nothing is wrong with a little R and R. It has been really nice to have Grandpa Isaksens kitchen table full with little mouths to feed. When you put 13 little kids at it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cob Web Cleaner!!

I know I haven't blogged for a long time so I'm Cleaning out the Cobb webs in the Isaksen blog.

We have been busy with life and all it has had to offer and we have loved every minute of it.

I am the Primary President in our ward, we have had baptisms almost every month since the beginning of the year. We have almost 100 kids in our Primary, it seems to grow 6 to 8 new kids to every 1 that leaves. I hand make each child a birthday card so they know that we love them and in some cases miss them as well. I enjoy working with the children, they are amazing!

Family Recap..... For Spring break we toured the northern states you could say. We started off at Drew and Michelles house, Jakes brother and wife. They just moved back to Oregon as he finished School in Iowa. We had not seen them in a year or so. Then we rented a beach house at the Oregon Coast!! We had a blast (you can never go to the coast and not have fun!!)We had a mini-family reunion. With the Isaksen side. We left there went up the coast into Washington and stayed a night at my oldest brother James' home in Vancouver Wa. . We had fun seeing his kids and wife. You never get tired of seeing the kids and how grown up they are getting. We fully intended to call that our Spring Break adventure until Holly called lonely in Twin Falls Id.. We keep in touch daily, she knew that we were on our way home and called 3 or 4 times throughout the day checking on our safety. Until we rang her doorbell!! We surprised her, I told her we were in Spokane and almost home when we rang her doorbell, SURPRISE!! We stayed there for 3 days then finally headed back to the comforts of our own home.

We started painting the insides of our home we have the 2nd coat on the entry way left to do and then this project will be finished. It has been quite a chore between 5 little ones who need attention, babies tag teaming the art of flicking paint all over my house. (Baylee, Sarah Franks oldest daugther and Sam got a lid off a bucket of paint and before I could blink it was EVERYWHERE). Then we got our carpet done (Yes again~this is our third year here and our third year getting the carpet redone) We are becoming expert movers. And need serious help at choosing carpet. All company error so it has been free. just a pain to move everything over and over.

We have to throw in a couple of birthdays Sarah turned 1, Jessica turned 9, Sam turned 4, it has been birthday mania here.

Thomas played t-ball he was the star of the team, and I'm not just saying that cause he's mine. He was AWESOME!!

The kids are finally out of school YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have 1 in middle school next year SCARRY(Jacob)~ Jessica in 4th Thomas in 2nd and Sam in Pre-School. Where has the time gone????

Jacob was honored with a signed letter of recognition for excellence in schooling from President Obama. Jacob is an A student in the advanced learning program. We are so PROUD of him. Good Job Jacob!!

We went on our first camp out of the year Memorial Weekend. We went to Heyburn State Park. We went with a couple of families in the ward, it was very enjoyable!! Until Jake jumped into to water.......A minor emergency visit, 18 stitches all in his 4th and 5th toes. He almost lost the 5th one. Jake loves to camp so the earlier accident didn't keep him from going back to camp and staying the rest of the weekend.

We have worked hard on getting a garden in this year. We are patiently waiting for green tips to pop out of the ground. Until they do we did our own version of a Topsy Tervy Tomato plant, in a bucket with a tomato out the bottom and flowers out the top. It is fun and I'm excited to see how our invention turns out in the end, but for now it's pretty!!
This is Jakes new venture..... Jake and his buddy Bob Moss went Steel Head fishing. He really loves the great outdoors! He caught 5 about this size. Yes this was the catch of the day but not the catch of his life ( that's ME=))This makes me not want to go swimming!!!!!!!

For the summer we don't have too many plans yet except to have fun and enjoy one another.

Life is good in the Isaksen home!!