Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow, I thought I was doing better at blogging, before I knew it a month went by. We have celebrated Jakes birthday. He is now 21 again. He had tons of fun. It started the night before his birthday. His parents surprized him and came for the weekend. It was nice to see grandma and grandpa Isaksen. The weather was very hot in the 90's so he wanted to float the river. It was really nice to be out on the river for the 1st time of the year. The 3rd was spent floating and party that night. The 4th of July was really nice. We and (gma &gpa) went to the parade. It was nice we BBQ with the missionaries and sat around the house. We have neighbors that spend lots of money on fireworks so we don't waste the money. We had a very nice show from the back deck of the house.

Jake and His dad resting. Look at how alike they are?

This is all the Wallaces that showed up at Jakes birthday party we all jumped rope in the back yard. We had a blast playing HELP and Chase. We even tried double dutch. Holly and I could do it in high school. It was as easy now.