Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Family Summer 2010

Jake and I

This is my best friend Jake. He is my hero, husband, and favorite person to be with.

Families are Forever

This is the Albert Wallace Family, spouse, and kids. What a Great looking bunch.
The Albert Wallace Family all 13 of us. Who do they all look like? Mom and Dad look proud of there kids.

Do A Little Dance

2010 Wallace Family Reunion pictures.  I just finished showing my brother how to work the pole. hahaha. The volleyball pole. I was amazed I didn't broke my neck tring to swing around it like a little kid.
Just started the run or in my training the JOG!!!  I jogged the run.  I finished the Sprint in 1hour 44mins. I felt so empowered. It was truly amazing. I wore the finisher visor with pride.
1/2 mile swim finished 15mins. now time for bike then run. I am smiling at all my big fans (my kids and husband).
Sarah and I getting ready to swim. The water was very warm but choppy.  We look tired and we haven't done anything but got up at 5:00am.

Finally Can I Do This?

Nervous as can be. I didn't get much sleep. I am excited and scared. My emotions are going crazy. I can do this. I think I can I know I can...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hayden View Triathlon

Wow it has been awhile. I have been busy training for a Sprint Triathlon. It is a goal I wanted to do for 2 years when I went and supported my younger sister Sarah the 1st year Hayden Idaho did a Sprint Triathlon. This last weekend I accomplished it. I finished in 1hr. 44min. I feel very blessed to do it. I am grateful to all who supported me. Most of all my family. My husband and kids. Now the only problem is I am hooked. I want to train for the CDA Triathlon. Maybe even try the Windermere Half marathon next year.

Run...  I can see the finish line.  I am glad and feeling tired. I can see my family sisters and mom. How wonderful to share this accomplishment with them.